“I felt like we were weaving a nest of song.”


We believe singing is essential to the human experience. We sing simple, life affirming songs, rounds, and layered songs. All 7-12 year old girls are welcome to come explore using their voices in a safe environment where harmonies come naturally and each child is cherished for the unique gifts she brings.

The Hummmingbirds sing together once a week and have shared songs at community events such as the Eugene Holiday Market, Community Supported Shelters Benefit, care centers, International Women’s Day, the Mushroom Festival, the Eugene Waldorf School May Fair, and the Oregon Country Fair. Sometimes we perform with Singing Heart, an all ages singing group that Karly also leads. No one is required to perform.

We hold this choir to support girls in being connected to themselves and each other in meaningful ways.

“I felt like we were weaving a nest of song.”

To discuss Registration, call Karly @ 541-222-0884


Founder and Director

Karly LovelingKarly Loveling has a passion for music and the gifts it brings to community. From her rich and varied background she weaves threads of group facilitation, dance, child care, Women’s Wisdom work, and song leading into the Hummingbirds.

She has hosted and facilitated song circles in a wide variety of settings, for groups of diverse ages, large and small, since 2004. She leads all ages and abilities twice a week in a group called Singing Heart, who sometimes backs up the Hummingbirds with heart and harmony.

Karly has been a part of several bands such as My Father’s Ghost, Marrying the Muse, and Temple Under the Stars. And she carries songs from the late, great Ben Bochner. In 2016 she took the Community Choir Leadership Training in BC which has supported her in making song leading her life’s work. She brings a joyful and genuine presence to rehearsals and performances. And she offers this choir in the spirit of raising healthy girls who are not afraid to use their voices.